Ladies Auxiliary

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Committee Leaders

Jenny Gibson
Cindy Roberson


Alison Bradford
Danielle Crowder
Megan Huckabee
Ginger Kemp
Julie Turner
Kim Turner
Ashley Newman
Evelyn Weddle
Penny Lane
Cheryl Bowman
Monica Moore
Barbra Barnes
Leigh Ann Gay
Becky Wilmouth
Nikki Bland
Meagan Huckabee

The Madison County Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was established in October, 2010. Our group is made up of dedicated firefighter's wives, mothers, sisters and other community volunteers. Our purpose is to provide support to the firefighters of the Madison County Fire Department and any other agency responding to the scene. When we are needed, we will provide our firefighters with drinks and nourishment needed to help maintain their strength and stamina while they perform the difficult and dangerous duties of firefighting. We will also assist the department as a whole and the community in any way we can, whether it be helping at fire scenes or with community events.

On behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary, we would like to give a special thank you to Chief Turner, the dispatchers and our firefighters for their dedicated time and service to the department and to the citizens of Madison County.

Mission Statement

  • We will be held to a standard of pride, responsibility and trust that exceeds that of normal expectations.
  • Each member will respect the authority, knowledge and experience of members.

Vision Statement

We will be strong and determined in our achievements for the Madison County Fire Department.