Building Safety


  • Remove obstructions from exits, corridors and fire escapes
  • Maintain lighting for corridors, stairways, and exits
  • Provide exit signs at every exit


  • Use approved container for storage of combustible rubbish or waste
  • Remove storage underneath exits or stairways
  • Remove storage of dumpsters or containers in the building or within five feet of combustible wall or roof eave lines
  • Place hazard identification signs at entrances to locations where hazardous materials are stored

Fire Extinguishers

  • Service and tag extinguishers annually and after each use by a licensed fire extinguisher company
  • State Fire Marshal tag should be affixed to the extinguisher
  • Extinguisher should be a minimum 2-A:10-B:C rating
  • Extinguisher should be provided in all common areas of the building
  • Signs indicating the location of the extinguisher if not readily available


  • Discontinue all use of extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring
  • Keep a clearance of 30 inches in front of electrical panels


  • Remove accumulations of combustible weeds, grass, vines or other vegetation
  • Remove storage of combustible materials less than 10 feet from property line
  • Have a visible street address

Yearly building inspections for County Businesses are available upon request by calling the office 731-424-5577.