Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPRF) Grants

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) pursuant to TCA 67-4-409 is authorized, in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDOA) and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), to establish the "Local Parks Land Acquisition Fund" - referred to as the Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPRF). The LPRF is to provide grants to all eligible local governmental entities for the purchase of lands for parks, natural areas, greenways, and for the purchase of land for recreation facilities.

Getting a really big LWCF Grant check for Leeper Lane Park

Getting a really big Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant check for Leeper Lane Park

The funds may also be used for trail development and capital projects in parks, natural areas, and greenways. At least 60 percent of the funds allocated will go to municipal governments as authorized by the act. Recreation Educational Services (RES) has been awarding grants to eligible local governments for the purchase and development of land since 1992. These grants require a 50% match.

Land and Water Conservation Funds (LWCF) Grants

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Act of 1965 (Public Law 88-578, 78 Stat 897) was enacted " assist in preserving, developing and assuring accessibility to all citizens of the United States of America of present and future generations...such quality and quantity of outdoor recreation resources as may be available and are necessary and desirable for individual active participation..." The LWCF program provides matching grants to states, and through the state to local governments and state agencies that provide recreation and parks, for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation areas and facilities. Recreation Educational Services administers the LWCF grants. These grants require a 50% match.

Natural Resources Trust Fund (NRTF) Grants

The Natural Resources Trust Fund (NRTF) is established in accordance with TCA 11-14-304. The NRTF was created by the General Assembly "to protect the endowment represented by the land and minerals owned by the State; and to ensure that development of state-owned non-renewable resources will proceed in a manner which is economically sound, and that revenues received from disposal of those resources will be used for the long term public interest." Grants from the NRTF may be awarded to all eligible local governmental entities and state areas for outdoor recreation, historical or archaeological sites, the acquisition of lands, waters, or interests in lands and waters. Recreation Educational Services Division (RES) administers the NRTF grants. These grants require a 50% match.