Mailing Address Change Form

Mailing Address Change Form

Mailing Address Change Form (PDF)

Please Fill Out this Form and Return

Any Address Changes made AFTER August 15 of each year will not be reflected in our current records since our database is locked for the transfer of records to the taxing entities (City of Jackson Revenue and Madison County Trustee) for use during tax billing. The Taxing entities use our records i.e., Owners name, Mailing Address and Appraised/Assessed Value to generate the tax notices. 


Address as of August 15, 2017 - 123 Main Street
Address Change Form sent in September 1st 2017 - changed address to 456 D Street

Mailing Address for 2017 records - 123 Main Street
Mailing Address for 2018 records - 456 D Street

If you need the tax notice(s) sent to a different address AFTER August 15, please contact the City of Jackson Revenue Office (731) 425-8210 for City Taxes and/or the Madison County Trustee (731) 423-6027 for County Taxes.