Building Permits, Deeds, & Mobile Homes

Building Permits
Building permits are used to add (pick up) new buildings or remodels. Demolition permits are also used to remove buildings. A field check is done to verify each.
For more information regarding permits and other building regulations:
  • If your house / building is located within the Jackson City limits go to the City of Jackson Building Department or call (731) 425-8262 as well as calling the Madison County Building Department @ (731) 423-6014
  • If your house / building is located in Madison County ONLY, call (731) 423-6014 the Madison County Building Department.
  • To help ensure our records are correct, please purchase permits for remodels, room additions, repairs especially due to storm/flood damage and new home construction.

Deeds are brought to this office to be stamped before being taken to the Register of Deeds for recording. After registering, the deed information is used to transfer ownership. 

For more information regarding deeds please call (731) 423-6028 or go to the Madison County Register of Deeds website.

Property Ownership Changes
Any change in ownership must be accompanied by a legal document i.e., 

(1)     If the name change is due to marriage, we will need a copy of your marriage license or your new driver’s license with your new last name.

(2)      If the name change is due to divorce, we need to make a copy of your divorce decree and/or quit claim deed transferring ownership to you and changing your last name.

(3)      The request is for the removal of a name is due to death, if (a) the person requesting the removal IS NOT a co-owner - IS NOT listed on the deed we need a copy of the Probated Will  (b) if the person requesting the removal IS a co-owner whose name IS on the deed, we need a copy of the Death Certificate.

For more information regarding Name Changes please call our office (731) 423-6063

Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Mobile home registrations are brought to this Office to ensure the location of mobile homes are known and assessed.

For more information regarding Mobile Home Registration please call (731) 423-6091 or go to the Madison County Clerk's website.