Campaign Financial Rules

Rules for Judicial Candidates

  • Judicial Candidates are prohibited from personally soliciting or accepting campaign contributions.
  • Judicial Candidates are to set up political campaign committees for the acceptance of contributions and for the expenditure of those funds.
  • A judicial candidate shall appoint someone other than themselves as treasurer of the committee.
  • A judicial candidate’s committee shall not solicit campaign contributions earlier than 180 days before an election and not later than 90 days after the last election in which the individual candidate participates during the election year. (The 180 day period for the judicial offices that may possibly be subject to a primary election, shall begin to run 180 days prior to the date that the primary election would be held, even if no primary is held.)
  • Campaign contributions to judicial candidates are subject to the dollar limitations set forth in the Campaign Contribution Limits Act, T.C.A. 2-10-301.
  • Judicial candidates may make contributions to a political organization or candidate in the amounts provided for in the Campaign Contribution Limits Act.