Election Commission

Welcome to our website! The Madison County Election Commission is located in Jackson, Tenn. We are responsible for the conduct of all elections held within Madison County, including those for the cities of Jackson, Medon and Three Way. These responsibilities include polling place arrangement, appointment and training of election officials, printing of ballots, preparation of election supplies, purchase, storage and maintenance of voting machines and the certification of election results.

Register to Vote Online

This link can be used to register to vote or to update your address if you are already a registered voter in Madison County, Tennessee and have moved to a new address within this county.  When you move to a new county, your registration does not transfer.  You must register to vote in the new county.  The U.S. Postal service does not notify the Election Commission that you have moved.  It is the responsibility of the voter to notify the Election Commission.  




Next Election

August 6, 2020 - State Primary and County General Election

Voting by Mail 

As long as a registered voter has either registered in person or has voted at least once, voting by mail is an option as long as you attest to one of a number of reasons. Anyone who reached the age of 60, is disabled or is the caretaker of a disabled person may vote absentee by mail. There are other reasons that would allow you to vote by mail.  


Madison County Election Commission Members

Phil Bryant, Chairman
Nell Huntspon, Secretary
David Johnson
Phyllis Means
Mike Bledsoe

Next Election Commission Meeting

March 26, 2020 - This meeting will be held by conference call.  If you would like to attend by telephone, the meeting will begin at 10:30 am.  Dial 1-888-585-9008.  When you are asked for a "conference room number",  enter 309-487-275.  When you are admitted, please identify yourself.  The purpose of this meeting is to approve the Election Commission’s budget request.  

Voting & Candidate Resources